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Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Are you thinking of adding plants in your outdoor spaces? Do you want to maximize your garden and patio but are uncertain what plants to choose? Are you having a hard time maintaining plants every day? Then this is the sign you have been waiting for. Adding plants to your patio and outdoor areas not only help you maximize your open spaces; planting some easy to grow plants can also add color to and transform your outdoor spaces. Incorporating plants inside and outside your house can also be beneficial to our mental and physical health. There are multiple studies that have proven that cultivating plants from your home will keep you healthier and happier. It reduces your stress, fatigue, and anxiety while also boosting your mood, productivity, creativity, and your ability to focus. Planting In your house can also clean and absorb harmful toxins from the air. It also increases the humidity and the oxygen level around us. Indoor and outdoor plants also promote positive energy in our houses that’s why many people now are slowly turning into ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas’ or simply plant lovers.

Although some communities feature eye-catching garden landscapes even in the common areas, like what Valenza Sta. Rosa and most of Crown Asia properties offer, most houses for sale today have their own gardens. Adding your own choice of plants can help you relieve stress and stimulate creativity. So, to give you some ideas about plants to grow in your outdoor and indoor spaces, here is a list of the best patio plants to grow in the open spaces of your Crown Asia homes.

Succulents and Sedum

Succulents and Sedum Plants

Choosing the right plants for the type of house and open spaces that you have can be quite challenging especially if you don’t have enough idea about plants. There are certain plants that can thrive through low light spaces, while some need more sunlight and maintenance. If you’re a newbie and first time plant grower, you can never go wrong with Succulents and Sedum. These plants are easy to grow and they also come with a wide variety of shapes and sizes to help you design and customize your outdoor spaces. These plants also require minimal maintenance and can thrive without the needs of being watered daily. Some types of succulents and sedum can also live through the high heat of summer and cold breeze of winter. All you need to do is find the best plant that suits your climate and your ability to maintain these plants.


Caladium Plants

For high heat season and low shade places especially here in the Philippines during summer, Caladium can also be your best bet. Caladium is also often called Elephant Ears, Heart of Jesus and Angel Wings because of the shape of its leaves. These multi-colored, big leaf foliage are also low maintenance and can thrive in summer and winter. This plant has wide, almost purple to reddish leaves that requires minimal watering and can live with just being watered once every week. On the other hand, over exposure to sunlight and wind can damage your caladium so consider placing it in a shadier place like porch or away from direct sunlight.


Coleus Plants

With its eye-catching colorful leaves with the combination of bright lime-green and deep-purple-red color, Coleus is one of the best plants to place in your patio or outdoor gardens from your Ponticelli and Valenza homes. Just like the Caladium, coleus is a low maintenance plant that can tolerate both warm and cold weather without the needs of being watered daily as long as its soil is moist and healthy. Coleus can also thrive in high heat summer just like here in the Philippines. Coleus are also ideal for starters as this is also easy to cultivate and propagate. You can start by just a small cutting of this plant. Trying out this plant can not only make your patio look colorful but also to look more diverse. This plant is one of the easiest house plants to cultivate so you will never go wrong if you try this plant.

Persian Shield

Persian Shield

If you are looking for a plant that can grow outside but can also thrive indoors, Persian shield is for you. This metallic purple and silver foliage are drought-resistant plants that can also thrive with almost all kinds of weather. It can withstand high summer heat and low temperature up to 15 degrees Celsius without the worry that it will die. It is also easy to maintain plants since it also does not require watering it daily or trim it every once in a while. Persian Shield is also easy to cultivate and propagate since you can do it just by cutting and/or thru seedlings. Its durable and dark color leaves can be a perfect companion to some bright flowering plants that will balance the look of your garden inside your vivid colored houses just like in Valenza community.

First Frost Hosta

First Frost Hosta Plant

Last but not the least is the First Frost Hosta. This wide green and yellow combination leaves is easy to maintain for plants that prefer a darker shade and can thrive in lesser sunlight. This plant can also withstand frost during winter. First Frost also features light purple colored tubular flowers that rise above its foliage during the mid-summer. This plant is ideal for mass planting, border edging, or just for general garden use, as this plant can complement other plants because of its color and wider leaves. This plant is also easy to grow and cultivate since it does not require a certain type of soil and is not also required to be watered daily. This type of Hosta is very ideal as a divider or in the edge of your houses.

Choosing the right type of plants ideal for you and for your dream houses can be quite challenging, but choosing the plants above is a great start to design your best garden and open spaces for your Crown Asia home.


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