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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Metro South Now

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Did you know that the word “metro” or “métro” in French comes from the word “métropolitain”? Coming essentially from an early name of Paris Metro, Chemin de fer métropolitain or directly translated as "Metropolitan Railway". This railway serves as one of the earliest parts in London underground railway that was built in 1800 and became one of the reasons that ignited the industrial revolution making different counties and cities more developed.

Metro Development
Metro Manila Skyline

In the Philippines, there are certain cities that are considered as metropolitan or “metro” for short. These are the major cities that exercise a commanding economic and social influence to the overall economic development of the country. They are usually located in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao and now the Metro South. Located just adjacent to the south of Metro Manila, CALABARZON became one of the major contributors of the country’s overall economic growth with 7.3 percent economic growth last 2018 according to NEDA. With the booming economy, thriving tourism, and industrial sectors plus individually progressing cities, here are the top five reasons why we should put our eggs in the basket of Metro South today:

1. Expanding Infrastructure Development

Cavite-Laguna Expressway ©DPWH

The continuous expansion of different infrastructures, including the national government push to build roads and expressways and other essential facilities, became one of the major driving forces why many investors now, including home buyers, prefer South Luzon. Some significant government infrastructure include the Cavite-Manila Expressway (CAVITEX), making easier to travel from Manila to Cavite and vice-versa, and the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (Calax), helping motorists to cut the travel time between Laguna and Cavite from two hours to just under an hour. More government projects will be starting weld soon such as the LRT Line 1 extension all the way to Bacoor Cavite, MRT Line 4 extension, Philippine National Railways (PNR) South Long-Haul Project or simply known as the PNR Bicol, and lastly the Sangley Point Airport that will cater the South Luzon and greater Metro Manila.

Private companies also have great contributions to South Metro’s infrastructure development including building malls, lifestyle center, church, schools, and communities. This helps in creating more jobs and overall economic growth within the area. Moreover, property experts note that most home-buyers today prefer to be in mixed used development, so that they will have more access to malls, health-care facilities, schools, and offices just within their community. Some examples are the developments within Vista Alabang in Daang Hari, namely Ponticelli and Portofino Heights, which have good proximity to different establishments and institutions such as the Evia Lifestyle Center, VitaCare Unimed Hospital, and the future University Town.

2. Thriving Industrial and Manufacturing Belt

Did you know that some of the things we used every day are made locally in different factories in the south? From what we wear such as our shoes, what we drink and eat up, what we drive, or to what we ride every day-- they are products that are manufactured or assembled within the CALABARZON area.

Most of the country’s Industrial and manufacturing hubs are located in CALABARZON, 37 out of the country’s 74 manufacturing special economic zones are located in south Luzon. These hub serves as the major supplier of semi-processed industrial raw materials and industrial components all throughout the country (Roa, 2019). Alongside with these are the different Information Technology Centers in the area that generate more job and income to the city. These are also some of the main reasons why more and more companies are being hooked to invest in Metro South today.

3. Strategic Location (Proximity to Metro Manila

Coastal View (Connecting Manila and Cavite)

Metro South’s strategic location is also one of its greatest assets, with its proximity to Metro Manila and its accessibility towards nearby central business districts (CBD). This is one of the reasons why many home buyers prefer to buy in the South now. The growing population and an increase in the number of people migrating and living in the south now are one of the reasons of an increased demand for housing in the South, especially Laguna and Cavite, for the past decades. One of the most popular housing communities in the south now is Ponticelli in Daang Hari and Valenza in Sta. Rosa Laguna, along Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay road. Their prestigious and elegant Italian- inspired communities have become more in demand for the past years with Valenza having more than doubled its value appreciation compared five years ago. The communities have also become the home of many families who choose to live in Metro South today.

Despite the fact that you are outside Metro Manila, you can still be assured that you can have easy quick access on what Metro Manila has to offer, from its top-quality health-care facilities to thriving central business districts.

4. Booming Tourism Sector

Tourism in the Philippines has one of the most significant contributions to the country’s overall economic growth for the past years. One of this is the Calabarzon area, being home to different tourist destinations. From the majestic view of Taal and Makiling mountains, cold breeze of Tagaytay weather, cultural heritage sites dating back from Spanish colonization era,

virgin islands and beaches, different marine and terrestrial sanctuaries, to the delicious culinary dishes that can only be found in the south, many local and foreign travelers like to visit South Luzon making it rank as the 4th most visited region in the country. The booming tourism sector also helps the local community to have a better source of income especially those who are living near the local tourist spots.

Despite of the pandemic that our country is experiencing right now, we can’t deny that tourism can still help to save our country’s current situation once things go back to normal. With this, we should also focus in taking care of our country’s natural beauty.

5. Convenience

Convenience is one of the most sought-after reasons in choosing the right place where to settle. The South’s strategic location, growing economy and community, and expanding government infrastructure, all add to overall convenience. The ease in accessing primary needs such as quality health care, shelter, and food are all available in the Metro South now. You don’t need to travel far just to be in an amazing malls or to be in the top schools and universities in the country because the south now has that too-- from different universities that will be available in the south for the future, such as UST Santa Rosa and UP, to quality lifestyle malls such the Evia and NoMo Lifestyle Malls. Also, the convenience of being near to different destination spots such as the Tagaytay can be a less burden for families who like to travel and unwind especially during weekends or holidays. Since these places are nearer compared if you are coming from Metro Manila, there will be less time on the road and more quality time with loved-ones.

Lastly, living in the south can give you a better relaxing vibe and fresher air because trees, mountains, and clean seas are still present here. You can still experience the cold breeze and quality air while you are just in your community. If you opt to live in the South and while you are living near Metro Manila, you can still feel the convenience and the calmness far away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

If you're planning to invest in the Metro South, now is the right time to invest. Message us to know more about the properties we offer in the Metro South now!


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