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Santa Rosa Attractions to Visit with Your Friends and Family

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

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Tourist attractions such as historical sites, parks, and other attractions are popular among Filipinos because they see them as an experience that adds vitality and excitement to their lives.

Santa Rosa, a city in Laguna and one of the largest in the province, has a population of over 400,000 and is recognized as a host of many industrial parks, garnering it the moniker "Lion City of the Philippines." It also has some of the most well-known historical sites, residential areas, and tourism spots, giving visitors something to anticipate. Here are a few of the places you can take your friends and family to.

1. Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom (or EK for short) is one of the most popular tourist destinations for both locals and visitors in Santa Rosa. Perhaps, it is also the earliest venture to catapult the city as an investment haven. Spouses Mario and Cynthia Mamon founded the theme park in 1995. They used to visit a lot of theme parks, which prompted them to create their own. The "Space Shuttle," which is the first coaster ride of its sort in the Philippines, is one of the most popular rides. Guests from all around the Philippines and other countries will certainly get a thrilling interaction with gravity and adrenaline feeling from all of EK's rides, regardless of whatever seat they choose. True to its tagline, the magic stays with you when you experience the adventures in EK.

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2. Nuvali

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Nuvali is an environment-friendly master-planned estate that combines residential, commercial, and institutional developments. While many visitors from further south come to see the beauty of Nuvali, some make this their only stop when visiting the "Lion City." If you ever get hungry Nuvali's Solenad, which has a variety of culinary options and retail establishments for you to choose from, is a perfect layover area for those looking for a quick bite to eat. With its nature park trail, boat ride service, and wakeboarding camp, visitors and outdoor adventure enthusiasts will surely have the best time.

3. Museo de Santa Rosa

If you enjoy reading history and gazing at historical characters, the Museo de Santa Rosa is the place for you. Near the municipal plaza and the Santa Rosa de Lima Parish Church (Diocese of San Pablo) is the Museo de Santa Rosa (Gusaling Museo).

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It was built in 1828 during the Spanish era and now holds antiques and World War II relics, as well as vital information about prominent Santa Rosa people throughout history.

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4. Majarlika Archery Range

Have you ever fantasized about becoming an archer in a role-playing game? Are you a big fan of archery? Or are you just interested in doing it as a hobby? Then Majarlika Archery Range has all you need, including excellent classes and friendly staff. Archery enthusiasts and hardcore archer RPG class gamers can call Majarlika Archery Range a home.

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5. Kidzooona

This location is popular for both parents and children. Kidzooona, an indoor park/playground, provides a fun and safe environment for you and your kids to play and hang out. It includes a variety of entertaining activities. Kidzooona welcomes you to your new fun zone if you are looking for a safe location to do a bonding session with the youngsters.

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Santa Rosa, Laguna is a lovely city with a lot to offer its residents and visitors. And if you ever consider relocating to Santa Rosa, Laguna, or if you are looking for a house and lot for sale, or a condo for sale in Santa Rosa, Crown Asia has got you covered.

Valenza, a Crown Asia premium and exclusive subdivision development, is easily located along the Sta. Rosa- Tagaytay Road-- a magnificent location that no other developments in the area can surpass. The community is accessible through CALAX and four SLEX exits, and it is approximately 30 minutes from Tagaytay City. Valenza is a residential community with an Italian concept that allows people to live in a tranquil and secure setting while having access to the metro's conveniences. It includes a variety of outstanding Italian-inspired properties set in an inspiring neighborhood with exquisite statues, fountains, pathways, and lush gardens. It is an ideal residence and investment for those who have achieved success and want to enjoy quick access to the many attractions that Santa Rosa has to offer.

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